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11inch Kids Balance Bike Adjustable Height Carbon Steel & PE Tires for 2-6 Years

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Lithium Battery Contained: No

Over Size: N

Main Color: Blue

Main Material: Steel


[FOR EARLY RIDER] The balance bike adopts low-span U-shape frame; shortens the wheelbase of front and rear wheels; and has a low center of gravity; which makes it more stable to ride. Even 2-year-old babies can easily handle the balance bike.[PROFESSIONAL TYRES] Tire are made of PE and PP. Non-Slip and Explosion-Proof.[ADJUSTABLE SEAT] The lifting seat can be flexibly adjusted from 12.6 inch to 16.5 inch which can easily meet the needs of babies in different age periods.[EASY CARRY] Made by lightweight metal frame; PP and PE. The bike is only 4.6 lbs. - the light weight makes the bike easy to handle and train the gross motor skills of your toddler. The bike is easy to carry because it's extremely lightweight and because of the integrated carry handle - take your favorite ride-on toy everywhere you go.[SAFETY] Each bike is built and inspected with your child's safety in mind. Careful grinding Integrated frame; no welding or burrs. No Sharp Points designs to avoid hurting the baby.

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