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Handy Dandy Tool Belt

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You can fix it!Are you handy enough to give me a hand? I've got an endless list of renovations and repairs to attend to and I need your help. You'll be a jack of all trades in no time! Now pick up that tool belt and let's get to work.Includes a tool belt with: hammer, wrench, pliers, saw, screwdriver, ruler, 1 pencil, 2 bolts, 4 nuts, and 2 wood pieces for building up a fun time! Place extra pieces inside of the delightful bag with a CraftsKid logo on it. Made from cuts of natural wood and finished with water-based, safe paints.Why You'll Love ItIt's never too early to teach a child how to be handy around the house! Watch as they pretend to fix things in the house just like you. They'll love strapping on their handy dandy tool belt whenever there's a problem needing fixing! This is a fun, safe introduction to the world of tools. Your child can learn and make mistakes without worrying about hurting their fingers like on real tools. Even the pencil is pretend, so your child can't write on the floor or walls while playing.

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