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Huggies Natural Care Refreshing Baby Wipes, Scented, 10 Pack, 560 Total Ct (Select for More Options)

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Using plant-based ingredients for over 20 years, Huggies Natural Care Refreshing Baby Wipes are perfect for giving your baby a light and fresh clean. Each disposable baby wipe is made with 99% purified water and infused with cucumber and green tea to give it a refreshing, clean scent. Natural Care Refreshing scented baby wipes are hypoallergenic, dermatologist-test, pH-balanced and contain no harsh ingredients to help maintain healthy skin. Free of alcohol, dyes and parabens, our unique base sheet locks-in and retains the mess to help keep your baby's skin clean and healthy. By making these soft baby wipes part of your routine, you can feel confident you're offering your baby's sensitive skin the comfort, cleanliness and protection it needs. The flip-top design and the EZ Pull 1-Handed Dispensing makes it easy for you to grab wipes without wasting sheets, while the Tigger-themed packaging adds an adorable touch. Join the Huggies Rewards powered by Fetch to get rewarded. Earn points on Huggies, in addition to thousands of other products to redeem for hundreds of gift cards. Check out the Fetch Rewards app to get started today! (*70%+ by weight)

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