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Matching Bingo

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Have fun and educate the little ones in your life with Matching Bingo from Pint-Size Scholars! Bingo is a valuable teaching tool for any classroom, and a great game for parties and family game nights. Our Bingo sets accommodate up to 36 players per round, and thanks to their 3x3 grid, have a whopping 15 ways to play. (We've even included special rules for Reverse Bingo, which brings the total up to 30!) In addition, Matching Bingo can be played 2 ways, either with simple object matching, or with object function matching for extra enrichment! This set comes in a sturdy storage box and includes 36 Bingo cards; small Bingo chips (for extra card visibility); big, visible calling cards; and a masterboard to guide you through the game.Why is Bingo such a valuable teaching tool?Because it's easy to understand, fast-paced, and fun! Use common household objects, fun foods, and favorite animals to develop memory and listening skills and improve focus.

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