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Pour Bottle, Orange

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Mixing, Pouring, & Storing!Mixing made easy! Our versatile pouring bottles simplify mixing, pouring, and storing. You'll find our pourers useful in many settings such as bars, restaurants, caf??s, and home kitchens. These pouring bottles are 13? tall and 3.5? wide. Mix flavorings, juices, and syrups for fruity drinks and snow cones. Pour the perfect cocktails for bar attendees. Even make premium coffee and espresso blends for coffee house patrons.These bottles can store mixes, syrups, oils, and vinegars for another day with a container function. Simply remove the neck from the canister, pull colored lid from the bottom, and screw it on top of the canister to store your liquids or kitchen ingredients. Our bottles can hold up to 32 ounces!Why You?ll Love It:You get three functions in one bottle! Mix fruity, delicious drinks and classy cocktails. Shake and pour the drinks for patrons, friends, or yourself. Store your liquids and kitchen ingredients for another day or another party. As these bottles hold up to 32 ounces, you won't have to keep mixing or refilling your canisters over again. Put these bottles right on a shelf or have them on a bar top, as they are conveniently sized at 13" inches tall and 3.5" wide.

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