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Silicone Swim Cap, Black

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Glide Through the Water! Whether you're in the middle of an intense swimming competition or just swimming for recreation, hair can be a real drag! You can reduce drag for better hydrodynamic performance and protect your hair from chlorine damage with a swim cap.Our swim caps are made from stretchy 100% silicone material, resistant to potential rips and tears. You'll find these caps keep hair in the cap and the water in the pool. Swim caps are simple to use and you can take it off without worrying about hair getting pulled or stuck. Our swim caps come in one size and they stretch out to fit most head sizes for maximum comfort. The swim cap fits over both short and long hair alike. These caps keep your head warm and tight minus the usual pressure you feel with rubber latex swim caps.Why You'll Love it:Our swim caps are resistant to tearing and rips, which can happen from extended use. These caps help prevent common Recreational Water Illnesses (RWIs), especially swimmer's ear. For best use, lightly dampen your hair in a bathroom or locker room and pull the cap over your head. Make sure to wipe your cap dry on the inside and outside with a towel immediately after use. To keep your swim cap in good condition, add a light sprinkle of talcum powder on it or in the convenient zip bag that is included.

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