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Sneaky Ninja Children's Costume, 7-9

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Out from the Shadows!Become a stealthy shinobi of the shadows by slipping on the cowl of the black shadow ninja! This Hauntlook Sneaky Ninja costume comes with a shirt, pants, ninja mask and cowl, belt, and vest to make you a warrior of the art of ninjutsu. Wear this for Halloween trick-or-treating, theme parties, and costume contests. Collect all the candy you can, but save some for your mummy. And when Halloween comes to an end, dress up and play pretend all year round. You're in for a spooktacular treat with this sub zero, classic costume!You may be a mere mortal, but combat is nothing new to you! You're a fighter, a warrior, a legendary street fighter, maybe even an assassin or guardian and no one will see you coming in this sneaky suit. The perfect size for stealthy little youths and young children, from preschool toddlers to grade-school kiddos. Your child will look like a ninja champion in no time at all!Handle with Scare:This unisex children's costume is made with 100% polyester, no hocus pocus materials. Caught in a dark and stormy night? Hand wash your eerie outfit and hang it out to dry. To prevent colors from bleeding, avoid bleaching or ironing this attire. Follow the size chart for a scary good fit.

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