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Conductor Carl 100 Piece Wooden Train Set

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All Aboard!Hello, my name is Conductor Carl and I need an assistant to help me build the perfect train track for My town. Come along and join me on my next exciting adventure. When you've got enough track, the only limit is your imagination. A wholesome source of early exploration and a Launchpad for curious minds, no play room is complete without a train set. It's a quintessential childhood classic, time-tested and proven generation after generation. LAY your solid wood tracks, join them up with simple pegs. Feel the gentle texture, breathe in that unmistakable earthy scent, and start exploring.Why you'll love it:Children can build train sets from scratch and then role play with the various characters. Conductor Carl train sets use single piece construction train track. Many of our competitors use pegs for all of their track as the connecting piece. We use it on only a few select custom pieces, but our standard track pieces are all single pieces. Single piece construction track also results in a snug fit which ensures trains do not hop off the track. Conductor Carl train sets are compatible with other popular wooden railway systems such as Thomas & friends and BRIO. Feel free to mix and match between sets to arrive at grand scale train towns.

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