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Dogs & Puppies Playing Cards

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Dogs Rule, Cats DroolYou're here because you're a dog person, I hope. If so, continue reading. With over 50 breeds of dogs on these card, you are sure to find a favorite. Each portrait is hand-painted with all the tiny details. The standard deck has all the adult doggo action you need while the miniature puppy deck will summon all the "awwws" at card table. Enjoy playing any of your favorite games that require standard playing cards.Why You'll Love ItWe've already covered that you're a dog person, but that's not the only reason you'll love this product. Over 50 breeds of cute doggos can be found within these decks. Any card game that you enjoy may also be enjoyed with these cards as the perfect replacement for plain, standard cards.

Delightful Baby & Toddler Toy Collection for Curious Minds

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