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Faerie Chess

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Checkmate!Marshal your forces from the traditional chess roster or entreat the aid of powerful new pieces like the Inquisitor, Thief, and Jester. Employ your best tricks and tactics to win the day, but be warned! Your opponent may make some gambits of their own.Since the 6th century, chess has been evolving. From India, to Persia, to Europe and the rest of the world, the game of kings has always changed with the times. Now with Faerie Chess, the battle of wits begins before the first move! This box includes all the pieces for a classic game of chess, as well as over a dozen unique new pieces with fresh, exciting abilities so the game can keep evolving.Why You'll Love ItFaerie Chess includes two games in one: classic chess, plus the modern strategy game of Faerie Chess! Swap in new pieces and experiment with bold new strategies. Includes 32 traditional chess pieces, 32 brand new fairy chess pieces, 40 custom, tarot-sized reference cards, 2 drawstring bags, free scorecards, and a 14" game board.

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