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Sumo Wrestler Adult Costume

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Sumo Wrestler CostumePrepare for the sumo match down at the dojo in the Hauntlook sumo wrestler costume! Don't worry, you won't gain any weight when you wear this costume. You will certainly look the part, but we do not reccommend wrestling a real sumo wrestler, no matter how good you look in this sumo costume. This costume will surely make you stand out in the crowd, primarily because you'll be huge. You'll look like you're ready to wrestle any adversary, but you're really just looking for a good time at the Halloween party. Hauntlook costumes are a great option for achieving that objective.Why You'll Love ItThe Hauntlook sumo wrestler costume is the perfect option for the Halloween seasaon. Made from quality polyester material, Hauntlook costumes will last many Halloween parties. Need to clean? Simply hand wash your Hauntlook costume and set it out to dry. If you enjoy your Hauntlook experience, don't forget to use the hashtag #Hauntlook in your photos.

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