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Wolves of Mercia

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Everybody Has a SecretWolves of Mercia is a game of deception and strategy, set in the dark, mysterious fantasy village of Mercia. But in this town, the villagers don't wait helplessly to be slaughtered by the werewolf. Each must deploy their unique abilities in order to fulfill their own hidden agenda! Whether torching the village, tracking the werewolf by night, or completing a fearful eldritch ritual, 5-16 players will lie, bluff, and kill to seize the night.Hide Your Secret. Claim Your Destinyat the beginning of each game of Wolves of Mercia, each player receives a unique Villager card, which describes their role in the town and gives them a unique ability. But they also receive one of 12 different hidden, secret agendas, which will shape their goals and provide them a unique way to win the game! Unlike many other werewolf-style games, players are not divided into "Villager" and "Werewolf" factions. Instead, most players will pursue their own agenda during the night while attempting to prevent others from doing the same. When daybreak comes, who will remain?Each game contains a full deck of 2.75" x 4.75" tarot cards, a hand-illustrated game board and tokens, and a story-rich rulebook for a unique experience every time.

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