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Core Pull Buoy

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The Pull of ExcellenceA core pull buoy is a critical tool in any competitive swimmer's arsenal. Held between the legs, it assists in keeping the legs afloat without the need to flutter kick. Now you're able to practice body position without taxing your limited oxygen supply. Supporting the legs also helps isolate the muscles in your upper body, so you can focus on strengthening back, shoulders, and core. Whether training for high school, college, or adult competitive swimming, you can craft your perfect stroke, master breath control, and swim efficiently with a pull buoy.Why You'll Love ItOur sturdy EVA foam construction offers a flexible, comfortable accessory for swim training. The buoy measures the standard 24cm x 16cm x 8.5 cm, perfect for teens and adults of any size. With a pull buoy, you'll be able to achieve peak efficiency for breath discipline, core strength, improved flip turns, and more.

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