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Digital Chess Clock

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CONTROL TIMEOr get pretty close to it with this Digital Chess Clock from Brybelly. This programmable chess clock sports adjacent time controls for players on both sides of the table. You will be able to setup multiple time constraints to make sure your games don't go too long. Want to set a time limit per turn? This clock will allow you to do that and will reset once you hit the button and the other player's timer will start! Or play Blitz Chess where each player has a bank of minutes that doesn't get replenished throughout the game. Having a Digital Chess Clock is one of the best things you can buy to enhance your sessions. Why You'll Love ItBrybelly's Digital Chess Clock has multiple features and settings like Countdown Mode, Time Limiting, adding time to either player's clock, and even a 12 hour clock function for when your games are over. It's great for more than just Chess too! Use it to keep track of turns in Scrabble, Go, Shogi, and any other competitive board game that you want to keep idle time down in.

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