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Farkle Hot Streak

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Are you a hot-shot?Farkle is your classic dice-chucker. Roll the dice, bank some points, then press your luck! Roll again to score more points, but, if they come up duds, you fizzle out and lose everything!Farkle Hot StreakHot Streak adds sizzle with all sorts of new scoring plays with extra bonuses for ones and fives. Bank a Pair and a Quartet for a 2x4, or bank two Triples using ones and fives for a Triple Threat and watch your score explode! This set features six flamin' hot dice, a custom Farkle Hot Streak dice tray, a fiery storage pouch, and the Farkle Hot Streak rule set, complete with scoring and advanced scoring on an instructions card. Why You'll Love ItIt'a a high-octane dice game that'll have you firing off dice rolls, pressing your luck, and blazing a Hot Streak! Can't stand the heat? Play classic Farkle or any other variation you want! It's a scorching-hot addition to dice and party game nights and an excellent add to any Farkle enthusiast's collection.

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