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Last Chip Standing: Devil's Luck

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Get Lucky, or Lose It All!This here is Fortune's End, Nevada. Gold rush brought this town loads of gold folk, gold bust left behind all the band ones. Course, not all the gold's gone, providin' you know whose sticky fingers to pry it from... Roll your dice and pass your chips in this classic game of chance! The outlaw with the last chip standing wins the pot.Why You'll Love It: You've got three new ways to get lucky in Last Chip Standing: Devil's Luck! Sure, there are rival outlaws to your left and right, and your precious pot is the center of their attention, but the new Bandit and Horseshoe faces can really turn the game upside-down! Roll your dice, but watch where the bandit points, or another player might purloin one of your gold chips. Of course, if you roll a Horseshoe the tables turn! Left is right, right is left, and center lets you steal right from the pot. With super simple mechanics that are easy-to-learn for children and adults, and an average game time around 10 minutes, Last Chip Standing: Devil's Luck is a delightful, bite-sized game packed with replay value that costs less than 10 dollars. Can't beat that. Great for young kids and old kids, this dice game feels as much at home at family game night as it does at family reunions.

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