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Mega Spoons

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Big Cards, Big Spoons, Big FunMega Spoons is the classic fun and frenetic matching game, just jumbo sized! Sure, we've got nearly foot-long mega spoons to snag, but even the giant playing cards feature an enormous roster of the biggest stuff we could think of, like a T-Rex dinosaur, Paul Bunyan, even Mount Everest!A simple game great for even the youngest players, Spoon begins as a quick match-4 card game and devolves into a wild, spoon-snatching free-for-all!Why You'll Love ItMega Spoons comes with everything you need for an exciting, action packed family card game. 54 massive cards measure a whopping 4 by 7 inches, complete with massive, cute art pieces featuring the biggest of the big: dinosaurs, elephants, planets, and more! Our gigantic 11.5" spoons are huge and pink and easy to grab - just make sure you're not last, or you'll be out until the next round!

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