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Quarterback Playbook Wristband, 6.5" Large

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Call the perfect play! Take your coach straight to the field and into every huddle! While primarily used in tackle, touch, and flag football, this wristband can be used by coaches and players alike for play calling in a growing list of sports such as baseball, softball, soccer, and lacrosse. Our wristbands come in both a large size of 6.5" and a small size of 4.75". Each wristband has three transparent plastic slots to slide plays, field positioning, and other notes into. Large size wristbands fit 5.5" x 3.5" inserts and small size fits 4" X 2.5" inserts. Fits directly on either forearm and is made of a stretchy cotton/spandex blend. In those big moments under the lights, you need to know the right play will be called!Why you'll love it: You'll find many football wristbands leave you one slot to insert plays into. Unlatch the transparent front screen to find two additional slots for offense, defense, or special teams right underneath. Whether you're the quarterback or defensive captain, you can use this for any type of play. Not playing football? These wristbands are perfect for catchers calling pitches, soccer or lacrosse field alignments, and many other sports. Find your fit; if you have smaller forearms you can use the 4.75" youth size wristband or go for the larger 6.5" adult size wristband if you have bigger forearms. Once the wristband is on, you can easily slide and stretch it along your arm due to its blend of cotton and spandex.

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