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Robotime ROKR 3D Wooden Puzzle Marble Race Run Maze Balls Track Coaster Model Building Kits Toys for Children Drop Shipping

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1. ENGINEERING MARVEL----Full of elaborate mechanisms and small tricks. The precise gear design provides smooth transmission speed ratio. Each gimmick will create dozens of fun to watch. You can also learn the fundamentals of engineering and structures of machines.

2. REWARDING CHALLENGE----Highly satisfying and educational building experience. A brilliant way to enhance understanding of STEM principles and improve kids' motor skills. This building set will put your visual-spatial skill and patience to the test.

3. IDEAL GIFT& HOWE DECOR----Perfect gift at any occasion for all ages. Detailed design and attractive appearance make it a unique touch to your home and office.

4. NON GLUE& NATURAL MATERIAL----Lightweight models made of natural plywood. Pre laser-cut wood sheets with well-fit parts. No glue needed, easy to assemble together. Non toxic materials ensure you a safe building experience.




Package Contain:
Plywood,English instructions, other accessories without wax.
1. As wax is forbbiden on International shipping,we have to take it out. 
2. The wax is used to make the gear move smoothly. it is not necessary, you can don't use it or use candle to replace.


Weight: 1kg

Recommend Age: 14+

Package Size: 317*233*46mm


LG501  Waterwheel Coaster  

Assembled Size: 254*232*165mm  

Wood Pieces: 233 pcs


LG502  Cog Coaster  

Assembled Size: 254*232*166mm  

Wood Pieces: 233 pcs


LG503  Lift Coaster  

Assembled Size: 255*229*204mm  

Wood Pieces: 219 pcs


LG504  Tower Coaster  

Assembled Size: 255*229*204mm  

Wood Pieces: 227 pcs


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