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Round Rubber-lined Serving Tray, 11-inch

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Order Up!Whether managing a quaint diner or trendy bistro, maintaining a clean and safe environment is a top priority. Why not invest in the proper tools? Set your waitstaff up for success with these non-slip round serving trays. Made from durable, industrial washer-safe plastic and reinforced with a rubber safety lining for an extra grip! Choose from a selection of three different sizes to fit your needs: 11", 14" and 18".Why You'll Love ItDon't skimp on the essentials! A good set of classic round serving trays will save a ton of effort in the long run. Whether your bar is the busiest in town or just getting started, make sure your servers are operating at peak efficiency from kitchen to dining area and back. Three varieties (11, 14, or 18 inch) ensure your staff have what they need to transport water glasses, cocktails, appetizer baskets, dinner plates, platters, and flatware.

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