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Spooky Skeleton Halloween Costume, Small

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Undead CamouflageYou've seen it in the films. The living humans will cover themselves in the guts and blood of zombies as a type of camouflage to protect them from the undead. Well, this costume will do the trick without all the stink and stain. That's right, walk among your undead friends that couldn't run fast enough. They won't bite! But really, there isn't a virus that turns humans into hungry, flesh-eating zombies, yet. So enjoy the look for Halloween events and parties before you really need it when the outbreak happens.Why You'll Love ItThis skeleton girl costume is made of quality polyester, no brittle materials. Hand wash and dry your skeleton costume to make them last longer! Hashtag your Halloween photos with #Hauntlook to be a part of the fun!

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