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Sprinkler Splash Pad For Kids 68IN Inflatable Blow Up Pool Sprinkle Play Mat Summer Outdoor Water Toys

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68IN Splash Play Mat

Safe & Non-Toxic Material



*68IN Splash Play Mat*:The 68-inch sprinkler mat is spacious enough for 3-4 kids,and can be installed in yard,patio,driveway or deck,perfect for children parties in this summer that can entertain many kids at once. Recommend for 3 years old and up.
*Safe & Non-Toxic Material*:Made from strictly selected PVC materials,the summer sprinkler mat is BPA free and 100% safe for your little ones. Parents can rest assured that their children will have a good time playing without being exposed to harmful chemicals.
*Easy To Set Up*:Just plug it to a garden hose or PVC tubing,simply adjust water pressure to lower or higher the spray height. The water injection port is designed with waterproof gasket for easier installation to ensure strong and beautiful joints.
*Easy Storage*:The splash play mat could be folded small size(like a book) for easy storage. Do not forget to place small waterproof ring into hose connection to avoid water leakage.
*Best Outdoor Water Toy*:Children pets and dogs will be excited to play in the sprinkle and spray. Perfect for relaxation,party or celebration at lawn,garden,swimming pool or beach. With a learning mat for a base,so your little squirt soaks up some knowledge during play!

Warning Tips:
1. Continuous and competent adult supervision of children and the disabled is required at all times.
2. Spray mat and spray mat accessories are to be handled,assembled and disassembled by adults only.
3. This spray mat is for outdoor use only.
4. The spray mat should only be set up on flat and level ground. Do not set up the spray mat on a slope or inclined surface. It is recommended to use it on the lawn.
5. The ground must be firm and strong enough to withstand the pressure and weight of a fully set up spray mat Do NOT set up the spray mat on mud,sand,soft or loose soil,deck,platform,concrete,rock,asphalt or any other hard surfaces.
6. Do not place spray mat near or under overhead electrical lines.
7.After connecting the water pipe,the water will continuously gush out,it needs to be connected to the faucet all the time.
8. After using,clean the mesh screen with dish soap and water,then hang it up to keep it dry.

Product Type: Sprinkler & Splash Mat
Color: Blue
Material: PVC
Recommended Age: 3 Years Old And Up Under The Supervision Of Adult
Mat Diameter: 170cm/68inch
Product Weight: 0.85kg/1.87lbs
*Package Lists*:

1 x Kids Sprinkle Mat
1 x Sprayer Connector (US)
1 x Leak-Proof Rubber Ring
1 x Repairing Patch
1 x User Manual

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