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Wooden Swing and Slide Set Indoor Foldable Climbing Playground Playset for Kids; Wooden Climbing Toys with Rock Climb Ramp for Toddlers

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Lithium Battery Contained:No


Main Color:Natural

Main Material:Solid Wood



Mild Wooden Toy - This wooden swing and slide playset for kids is made of mild wood and has a smooth and gentle surface; which is very suitable as a home toy climbing and crawling facility for children to touch.Multifunctional Super Toy - This well-designed wooden playset combines a climbing ladder; a wooden slide(the backside is a climbing ramp with wooden climbing rocks); and a wooden swing. Every part has been carefully designed and polished to cater to children's favorite play interests.STURDY & SOLID - This wooden swing slide set adopts the most stable triangular support structure; which can fully support kids' playful nature and endless energy on it.EASY SET&STORE - This versatile wooden exercise toy facility for kids has been carefully designed to be easily set up and folded. By simply removing the anchor and twisting the angle; you can fold and unfold it in just a few steps.The Best Gift - The maximum size of this wooden deformable swing and slide playset is about 47.8x43.1x44.6inch when it is fully expanded and is about 48x4.7x49.6inch when folded. It is a well-deserved best gift for children to play at home this winter!


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