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Wooden Train Track Bumpers, 6-pack

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STOP AHEADUse up all your tracks and need another piece to complete the railway? Want to create a little stop gap to make room for all your construction toys to do the work they need? Well with this 6 Pack of Bumpers from Conductor Carl, you'll be able to do all of this and whatever else you can think of. Need a track placed down where another track already is? Lay down a bumper so your tracks don't overlap and continue placing them by placing another bumper on the other side. These bumpers look just like the real thing and they're compatible with most major brands of wooden train sets so don't worry about your sets not fitting!Why You'll Love ItThis set encourages explorative play and encourages creativity in seeing what kind of crazy tracks you can make. All of our Conductor Carl playsets are made from safe, natural cuts of wood. Sets are fully compatible with most major toy train brands. When you've got enough track, the only limit is your imagination.

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